How to Find People Who Give Away Money

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You read about it in the paper, "Millionaire Helps Family in Hard Times." Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find someone to help you out of your tough time or to reach your goals! It’s not easy, but here are ways to search for this kind of help.

    Don’t start writing to every millionaire you can find. Millionaires might just be the bank president, a doctor, or a thrifty retiree who live in your town. They need their money for their bills and future expenses, just like you do. They give to organized charities and seldom, if ever, give to individuals.

    Billionaires have much more money but again, they give in an organized way. You don’t see them on the street corner handing out one hundred dollar bills. Usually their giving is through a foundation. How can you benefit from a foundation? Some do give to individuals, but usually it is to help them towards a goal. Seldom is it a handout to a person just to pay their bills. (see the list of billionaires below)

  • To find foundations that give to individuals, consult the Foundation Grants for Individuals. Larger libraries may have it in their reference section or as an online database. You can’t check it out or access it without going to the library. Go prepared to sit and use it there. Make notes or print outs of the best ones for you to approach. It contains descriptions of over 6,000 foundation and public charity programs that fund students, artists, researchers and other individual grant seekers. It is maintained by the Foundation Center. It is not free online.

  • The power of the press

    One way to get help for personal expenses, bills, and medical expenses is through a write-up of your plight in the local paper or a story on the local television news. A newspaper might write about a homeless person who lost their job and can’t find housing for their family. If the story touches peoples’ hearts, donations small and large often pour in to help the person. This seems to happen when a family loses their home in a fire or if someone has a child with a long-term illness. It can’t hurt to approach the local paper or television station to see if they are interested in your sad situation.

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